Play Station-5 unboxing, accessories and etc.

Play Station-5 unboxing

On first look the box is very huge one on box you can see that it`s 8k and 4k 120 fp and HDR supported, it`s having 825GB of storage also. On opening the box you will see a cardboard and then the console. As you see the console you can see that it`s very big. As I think the design is awesome really from my point of view it`s look is better than that of PS-4. In the cardboard box it first contain charger to plug straight into the wall and no brick, then you will get a brand new dual sense wireless controller and then you will found paperwork safety guyed and a HTMI cable and a mystery thing which is actually the dock because without it the consoler is not flat using that you can put it vertically.

First look

Still the first thing is size it is very big second texture it is mat finish with white outside part and then inside is very glossy and see it closely very closely you will find that it is made up of many signs like circle, square and triangle which is super cool it is super cool .At back of it you will see power button at the bottom one HTMI, Ethernet, and the USB on the left there is full size USB and your USB type-c and at the bottom there is disk and jack button and power button.

Weight and Size: PS-5 VS Xbox VS PS-4 Pro.

PS-5 is heaving and taller than Ps-4 Pro it is bigger in every dimension. Actually with Xbox yaa PS-5 is having more length but Xbox is more in height.No about accessories with ps-5 there are many accessories like headphone,camera and etc.

Play Station-5 accessories
  1. First is controller it is just like Xbox controller. It is having a very high quality. It is bigger than that of PS-4 one and charger is USB type-c .It is having microphone at the bottom and PS-button now it do not contain any LED light at back but now light is behind the pad. It is made up of same texture.
  2. Second is sony duel sense charging station for two console at one. Most person charge the controller with USB but if you have more budget you can get one. I think they might have the magnet to change which align automatically like apple one if you, now see that go to my this page for more information.
  3. Third thing is a 3-D headphone which is wireless. It has noise cancellation and of 15-hours of battery time. In the box the headphone are very big and very neat looking it have USB charging and more button.
  4. Media remote you can control all your movies and streaming service and more.
  5. Last is the HD camera it is the least purchase accessories. You can adjust the camera.
PS-5Rs 49,990
PS-5 Digital EditionRs 39,990
Dualsence controllerRs 5,990